Parkgate Pregnancy Clinic - Tupelo Abortion Alternative
Single Parenting - Support is Available
Single Parenting is not an easy decision. The Staff at Parkgate can help you work through some hard questions about your future and any plans you may have. We offer Parenting classes to first-time mothers and help the fathers get involved too! There are many things to consider and we can help with your circumstances. Many girls have a strong support system, but some do not. At Parkgate, you will receive HELP to start over and make good decisions in the future- no matter what has happened in the past.

Let Parkgate HELP you weigh the pros & cons. Call or text the Parkgate HELP line 662-231-6002.

No hassles, no judgement- just HELP.

Text HELP to 662-231-6002 or call the clinic to make an appointment at 662-841-1517

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