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Marriage - A Closer Look
Is Life better with the father of your baby? If so, Marriage might be a great option. Many couples have found themselves getting married a little early because of an unplanned pregnancy. However, it is not necessarily a good idea to get married just because you are pregnant. A “Baby Daddy” does not always make a good husband. Marriage is based on a life-long commitment where people can say, “I’m committed through the good times and the bad!” Sometimes actions speak a lot louder than words. The Parkgate Staff will help you & your partner (if desired) look at the option of marriage. It has great rewards!

Let Parkgate HELP you and your partner talk through your future together. Make an appointment to decide if this could be right for you. Call or text the Parkgate HELP line 662-231-6002.

No hassles, no judgement- just HELP.

Text HELP to 662-231-6002 or call the clinic to make an appointment at 662-841-1517

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