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Adoption - A Big Picture
Whatever your thoughts are about adoption, we are hear to listen. When you consider adoption, it does not mean you don’t love your child. Rather, adoption can mean that you would like to meet the needs of your child. Today, adoption looks a lot differently because there are some options for openness with the adoptive couples. Parkgate refers anyone interested in more information to several agencies that are very reputable. We keep a relationship with YOU to make sure your needs are being heard and this is the best option for you. Many scholarships have been able to be put on hold for nine months. We can help you work through the immediate fear of finding out you are pregnant and then move to making a plan. This can take some time and we are there for you!

Let Parkgate HELP you get as much information about your options before any decisions are made. call or text the Parkgate HELP line 662-231-6002.

No hassles, no judgement- just HELP.

Text HELP to 662-231-6002 or call the clinic to make an appointment at 662-841-1517

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